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adventurous antelope canyon photo tours

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Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours provides quality guided tours, sightseeing tours and photographic tours, into slot canyons that are within the Antelope wash basin located on the outskirts of Page, Arizona. The slot canyons reside within the Navajo Nation reservation boundary. The Navajo nation has its own Tribal Park who maintains the slot canyons, Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park.

A.A.C.P.T. operates into 4 slot canyons, the Upper Antelope Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Owl Canyon and Mountain Sheep Canyon.

- Upper Antelope is famous for the beams of light that shines into the canyon during the summer months. This canyon is very photogenic thru out the day all year around.

- A.A.C.P.T. is the only company allowed to operate into Rattlesnake Canyon, Owl Canyon and Mountain Sheep Canyon. All three canyons are photogenic through out the day.

1 - Rattlesnake Canyon is similar to Lower Antelope but not as long and as deep. It offers alot of abstract photography.

2 - Owl Canyon is named after the Owl(s) that nest in there. A zoom lens is a must for this canyon.

3 - Mountain Sheep is the longest slot canyon out of the 4 canyons. At a distance of 1 and 1/2 miles, it offers for a nice hike and a lot of photos. This canyon was featured in Peter Lik's "From the Edge".

All photos on by Lionel Bigthumb email